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South West Windscreens & Tint; we are a Busselton family owned and operated business
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You are in safe hands with South West Windscreens & Tint; we are a Busselton family owned and operated business that is proud to employ a team of skilled locally-based staff. Wherever possible, we partner with other south west businesses to enhance our services and ensure our customers are well looked after.

Quality tinting films
Quality films

Our home tinting services use products from 100% Australian owned and operated MEP Films, now the largest supplier of window film in Australasia. We believe these films are of the highest quality and our home window tinting specialists love using MEP Films due to their ease and effectiveness.

Our work is guaranteed under a lifetime warranty for home and car tinting services.
Guaranteed workmanship

Our work is guaranteed under a lifetime warranty for home and car tinting services. We also offer great coverage for commercial tint applications. Contact us to discuss your tinting needs for your home, car or commercial property.


Did you know that tinting your windows can drastically reduce your energy bills?

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Home, car or commercial tinting

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Contact us to arrange a free measure and quote for your new tinting. For car tinting, we invite you to drop in to our workshop to discuss the job. For home or commercial tinting, we will meet you on site for measurements.

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When you are ready to go ahead with the job, we will book you in with one of our tinting specialists. Our team will have the tint pre-cut and ready to install on the day to ensure perfectly fitted tint with minimal time or fuss.

Enjoy the benefits

Once your tint is done, you can start enjoying the many perks right away! Window tinting helps keep heating and cooling bills down in a building, and is an effective way to protect you and your loved ones from the sun's harmful UV rays.

We have chosen Australian-owned MEP Films for our home and workplace tinting
About us

South West Windscreens & Tint is a family owned and operated business located in the Busselton LIA, supplying the region with quality tinting services for car, home and commercial applications. Our team of trusted professionals is committed to taking care of you and your family through high-level customer service, exceptional workmanship and timely delivery of services. We have chosen Australian-owned MEP Films for our home and workplace tinting and global leader Avery Dennison for our vehicle tinting. Both of these companies provide the quality we expect for our customers and a finish we can be proud of. All car and home tinting services come with a lifetime warranty, and we offer great coverage for commercial tint jobs too. Contact us to book your free measure and quote or discuss your tinting needs today.

Tint helps protect your investments by preventing furniture from fading under UV rays.

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Home and commercial window tinting

Keep your family safe and bills low with quality MEP Films

At South West Windscreens & Tint, we take pride in delivering the best quality service possible. That is why we have chosen to use Australian-made MEP Films for all home window tinting and commercial property applications and offer a lifetime guarantee on home tint. Window tinting has a host of benefits, most notably temperature modulation. A tinted window keeps out up to 79% of solar energy, keeping your room cooler in summer and reducing the need for air conditioning. Tinting also has a wonderful warming effect by blocking up to 20% of heat loss when the weather is cool, so you need spend less overall on heating. Another major benefit of window tinting is that it blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Not only does this keep you and your family safe, but it reduces damage and fading to your floors and furniture! To find out how home or commercial window tinting can benefit you, call us on 08 9751 5600 or click below for a quote.

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Vehicle window tinting

Stay cool with quality automotive tint

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT TAKING TINTING JOBS ON VEHICLES DUE TO STAFFING ISSUES. For car window tinting, we use products from global leader in automotive tint, Avery Dennison. The NR Pro Series non-reflective film has excellent solar performance for cool comfort and offers a high level of privacy without compromising safety. Car window tinting significantly reduces glare, making the drive safer and more comfortable for you and your passengers. Tint also helps keep the car cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the need for heating and cooling and thus lowering fuel consumption. Tinted windows on your car block harmful UV rays, protecting you and your car interior from damage. Plus - a great tint can really enhance the look of your car! We offer a lifetime warranty on vehicle window tinting and guarantee exceptional quality workmanship. Contact us to arrange a free quote or drop into the workshop in the Busselton LIA.

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How dark can your car window tint be? Find out about WA laws below.

Laws for vehicle window tinting


Western Australian laws allow for vehicle window tint to be at 35% for the front and 20% for the rear. There are exceptions to the rules, so we advise you visit www.transport.wa.gov.au or give us a call to arrange a custom quote.

This depends on a few factors, including how many windows we are tinting and the size and shape of them. Please fill out a quote request and we will be in touch to discuss your car tinting job further.

After your tinting has been installed, it pays to maintain it with a regular clean. We recommend water and a microfibre cloth for a quick and effective sparkle. Never use an ammonia-based product, as it will damage your tinting over time.

It is best to wait three days before washing your car after having SunTek PPF applied. After this time, hand washing is preferred, but you can use a pressure wash providing you are careful near the edges of the film. High water pressure can cause the film to lift slightly.

Ceramic coatings are approved for use with our paint protection films when applied over the surface of the product. Ceramic coatings create an additional barrier for solvent and water penetration while not negatively impacting the performance or self-healing of the PPF. Applying a coating will not void your warranty.

If a stain will not wash off your PPF coated vehicle after regular treatment, you can apply isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber towel and gently rub it onto the mark. If that does not work, you can use a small amount of lacquer thinner. Failing this, we recommend you use a mild abrasive wax and polish the surface of the film to restore the original appearance. Polishing/buffing of the film is a great way to remove contaminants from the surface, however, this process should be limited to as-needed or once every 12- 18 months. An example of a mild abrasive wax would be Turtle Wax Renew RX Polishing Compound Light to Medium Cleaner.

SunTek Paint Protection Film Clear is a scientifically formulated and rigorously tested technology that’s backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Certain restrictions do apply.

When applied correctly, SunTek paint protection film is invisible thanks to the perfectly clear formulation and correct sizing. Our technicians have been trained in the application of PPF to ensure smooth, undetectable coverage.

Thankfully, repairing scratches in your paint protection film is effortless; the heat from the vehicle's engine as well as warmth from the sun automatically self-heal scratches!