Paint Protection Film

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Due to the Covid-19 our Paint Protection film launch has had to be put on hold, once we are able to access the products we need we will let you know. Stay tuned by following our social media for our launch of this amazing product and service.

What is PPF (Paint Protection Film)

We could give you a big long spiel about this product but sells its self. Watch the video below from our supplier Suntek

Benefits of PPF

  • Stain Resistance

Paint hue stays true to its original colour, with advanced protection against yellowing and stains from dirt, oil, tar and bugs.

  • Impressive Endurance

Automotive finishes stay fresh and flawless longer with a Paint Protection Film shield against damage from rocks, salt and other debris.

  • Self-Healing

Repairing scratches is effortless; film uses heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun to heal.

  • Nearly Invisible

Paint Protection Film Clear is optically clear and sized for seamless hood coverage.

  • Warranty

SunTek Paint Protection Film Clear is scientifically formulated with rigorously tested technology that’s backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Certain restrictions apply. *


FAQ’s on PPF

Can I take my car through a pressure wash with SunTek Paint Protection Film?
It is best practice to wait 3 days before washing your car. While handwashing is preferred, you can use a pressure wash, but be careful near edges as the pressure water can lift the edge.

Can “coatings” be applied to SunTek Paint Protection Film?
Ceramic coatings are approved for use with our Paint Protection Films when applied over the surface of the product. Ceramic coatings create an additional barrier for solvent and water penetration while not negatively impacting the performance or self-healing of our Paint Protection Film. This application will not void your warranty.

If there is a stain that won’t wash off, what do I do?
If a stain will not wash off with a regular car wash, you can apply isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber towel and clean the stain, if that does not work you can use a small amount of lacquer thinner. If the stain remains we would recommend you use a mild-abrasive wax and polish the surface of the film to restore the original appearance. Polishing/buffing of the film is a great way to remove contaminants from the surface, however, this process should be limited to as-needed or once every 12- 18 months. An example of a mild-abrasive wax would be Turtle Wax Renew RX Polishing Compound Light to Medium Cleaner.


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