What it Costs

South West Windscreens & Glass are specialised in both windscreen repair and windscreen replacement. We assess the damage and then determine if you will need a repair or replacement windscreen based on the safest option. We try to opt for repairing windscreens before replacing windscreens with a new one, saving you time and money. However, depending on our assessment of your damaged windscreen we may determine that a new windscreen is the safest option based on the type, size, position and contamination within the damage.

The cost of the windscreen repair or windscreen replacement will be determined by two key factors:

  1. If we can repair your existing windscreen this will be a cheaper option than to replace your windscreen.
  2. Depending on the type of insurance you are covered by will determine the final balance due on the repair or replacement.

Car Windscreen Insurance Claims

We can handle all of your insurance claims for you. We work with most of the Australian leading insurance companies, providing you with a stress free, hassle free windscreen repair or windscreen replacement. We can organise all of the paperwork and all you have to do is pay us or your insurance company the excess. Depending on your insurance cover you might not even pay a bill!

Insurance and Fleet Companies

South West Windscreens & Glass work closely with the most of the major Australian Insurance companies. We can take the hassle out of having a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement as well as side and rear automotive glass.


Rear & Side Window Replacement & Repair Costs

If a rear or side window is damaged it will need to be replaced to keep your car road legal.

South West Windscreens & Glass are an Authorised O’Brien® dealer and use only quality glass for windscreen repair and windscreen replacement while providing a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship.

O‘Brien® source all of their stock from reputable global suppliers and all glass utilised meets the requirements of Australian Design Rule ADR8/01. All of our glass complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080: 2006 or equivalent International Standards.

If you have glass cover, depending on your insurance cover you may have a nil excess policy.

No Insurance Cover?

If your insurance policy does not provide glass cover, relax… we can still work with your insurance provider and give you a free quote for the excess. You can choose to pay the excess to us and let us do the organising for you or you can pay your insurance company.

We are here to help and will try to repair before replace, where safe, keeping costs to a minimum.

Have a chat with our experienced team for more information or a free quote.

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