Does South West Windscreens & Glass handle insurance claims?

Yes we do! We can take the hassle out of claiming a windscreen on your insurance. We work with you and your insurance company getting your car back on the road fast and safely. We deal most leading insurance companies in Australia. Come in and have a chat with us if you would like to claim your windscreen repair or replacement on insurance.

Will a windscreen repair be invisible?

Our repair will always look better than the unrepaired damage but it will not make it invisible.

A windscreen chip repair is designed to avoid a chip turning into a crack but usually leaves a blemish which will not interfere with the drivers vision. In some cases, the attempt to repair a windscreen can make the chip bigger due to small micro cracks emanating from the initial impact through no fault of the technician. in this rare case, we will credit the cost of the chip repair towards a new windscreen from O’Brien®.

How long will it take to replace my windscreen? Can I drive my car away right after the windscreen is replaced?

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours to replace a damaged windscreen with a new one. We will call you know when your car is safe and will be ready to drive away once the windscreen is replaced and the adhesive is cured (30minutes curing). In total, you should plan on leaving your car with us for at least an hour and a half before driving it again.

Can my windscreen be replaced at my home or office?

Yes! South West Windscreens & Glass offer a full mobile windscreen repair and replacement service. We’ll happily come to your work or home and repair or fit a new windscreen. No need to bring your car to us! Call us on (08) 9751 5600 to arrange a quote or book a time to come out to you.

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