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Avery Dennison the global leaders in automotive tint films

When it comes to tinting car windows, Avery Dennison are the global leader in design & manufacturing of automotive restyling films, including automotive window films & supreme wrapping films, Avery Dennison was an easy choice for us. Our staff love working with the film and the quality of workmen ship and warranty enables our customers to leave the workshop with a piece of mind.

The NR Pro Series non-reflective film has excellent solar performance for cool comfort. A cool and comfortable ride is what every driver experiences with Avery Dennison NR Pro automotive window films.


Tinting car windows with Avery Dennison films

NR Pro 05; 5% VLT window films

NR Pro 20; 20% VLT window films

NR Pro 35; 35% VLT window films

 Avery Dennison NR Pro Datasheet



  • What are the legal requirements for tinting my car windows?

Click here to find out what the Western Australian Laws are for Window Tint on Vehicles

  • How long does it take to tint my windows in my car?

It really depends on your car and what you actually want tinted? But feel free to fill in the quote form below and ask us for a time frame in the message box. All quotes are obligation-free.

  • How do I care for my Tint

After your tinting has been installed, it pays to maintain it with a regular clean. We recommend water and a microfibre cloth for a quick and effective sparkle. Never use an ammonia-based product, as it will damage your tinting over time. Do not clean the glass during the drying period (approx 21days after installation)

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